Zeppelin - Das Musical

Zeppelin the musical celebrated a great success at 2021st premiere. A story about the pioneer of airship travel, the famous Count Zeppelin and the last flight of the legendary Hindenburg.

The visionary Count Zeppelin‘s unwavering belief in technology is contrasted in a parallel plot with the last flight of the Hindenburg and its dramatic end.

The musical shows the historic story from the beginning to the end of an era. It tells a touching and compelling story that has everything a captivating musical needs: love, passion, power, crime, rise and fall! The audience can expect a mixture of the best entertainment, a critical look at history and highly emotional drama!

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Dates 2022

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  • Composer: Ralph Siegel
    Author: Hans Dieter Schreeb
  • Director: Benjamin Sahler
  • Language: German
  • Duration: 3 h 30 min
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