The Dream King - Ludwig's castle and his empress

A one-of-a-kind 45 minute musical experience for all ages, The Dream King interweaves live musical performance with breathtaking fantasy action and state-of-the-art stage scenery. This international family-friendly show will make any trip to Bavaria an unforgettable journey.


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Copyright Alfred Michel/Festspielhaus Neuschwanstein


The Show is based opon the true-life story and myths of the most mysterious and inspirational King Ludwig II. A trusted servant of the royal family tells us the story: Prinz Ludwig is full of imagination, hope and dreams. He lives in the shadow of a strict upbringing, controlled by his father, King Maximillian II. Ludwig must come to terms with the harsh responsibilities that await him as future ruler and the visions of peace and beauty, which churn deep inside his heart. Accompanied by his favorite cousin and soulmate, the Empress Elisabeth (known as “Sisi”) he encounters a powerful secret, hidden at a legendary, mystical lake. An enchanted swan is awakened and presents him a sword from ancient times with the power to awaken the dreams of all mankind. Ludwig embraces his destiny, faces his father and builds his Castle Neuschwanstein – where he will guard the forgotten dreams of the people until they return to the lake and the mountains… to remember.

Dates 2022

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  • Language: english
  • Author: Janet Chvatal
  • Composer: Nic Raine
  • Director: Benjamin Sahler
  • Duration: 45 min
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