Ludwig² – Das Musical

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The successful musical Ludwig² was, is and will be an integral part of the repertoire in Ludwig’s Festival Theatre.
Nowhere else the landscape is more royal, the mountains and castles more majestic, and the stories about the fairytale King Ludwig II more mystical. The king was not allowed to build a fourth castle. Thus, ‘his’ festival theatre and his own musical were created  at this magical place. "We keep faith with the king," says a text passage from Ludwig².
The life and death of the Bavarian fairy tale King Ludwig II are still a mystery that attracts people all over the world. His fabled life is full of puzzles and contradictions, but also full of romance and imagination, and thus provides enough material for a touching and extremely thrilling musical.
The gripping political thriller stands for a musical event of the highest order. It is composed of poetry and passion, combined with breathtaking images, visual effects and beautiful music. It is touching, romantic and exciting at the same time.

“While the curtain is lowering people jump up, clap and cheer, that friends are in their arms with tears in their eyes, you can see something very special about them: the Ludwig Euphoria." Süddeutsche Zeitung
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